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Dear friends and consumers,

Hello everyone! So glad to provide you with Chundu food so we become friends. Through three decades, Chundu food carried memories of several generations. Chundu manufactured China's first ham sausage in 1987, and “ham sausages that can dance” prevailed in 1989. Chundu has created a miracle, leading the trend in the meat product industry of China. "After 2001, however, Chundu suffered a downfall attributable to lags in restructuring of its inherent state-owned system, and its products were entrenched in Henan Province for years.

As a former executive serving at Chundu, I have always been aspired to revive Chundu. Through sustained efforts, Henan Tianhetai Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded in June 2016, to acquire and restructure former Chundu Group. Ltd. And in March 2016, Luoyang Tianyou Food Co., Ltd. was set up and Chundu Food Industrial Park covering over 200 mu was started. In this way, Chundu made a brand new debut, opening a new chapter in history.

To revive the past splendor, Chundu undertakes the mission of “providing consumers with safe, healthy, nutritious and tasty food” and establishes the core values of “quality and safety first, full dedication in work”. It once again wins the word of mouth among consumers by virtue of its quality products and top-notch service. It was titled “key leading enterprise in agricultural industrialization of Luoyang City”, “Guaranteed Food Maker of Henan Province”, “China Quality Compliance Food”, “model of quality and reputation”, "China's AAA quality-oriented trustworthy enterprise" as well as honors such as “Top 100 Integrity Model Enterprises” by 2017 China Food Safety Annual Conference, 2018 reassuring brand and "product quality trustworthy enterprises" of Luoyang City. With extensive distribution network nationwide, it has been engaged in national poverty alleviation health projects and student meal programs.

Drinking from the source, we are fully aware that every bit progress and success achieved by Chundu is inseparable from your attention, trust, support and participation. Your understanding and trust are powerful driving forces for our progress, and your care and support is an inexhaustible source of our growth. Your participation and suggestion excite us and encourages us to keep moving forward!

In the years to come, we will serve every consumer with sincerity, honesty and enthusiasm. Consumer satisfaction is our eternal pursuit! We will continue to provide the sincerest service to our consumers. We firmly believe that with your support and the joint efforts of all Chundu people, the "ham sausages that can dance" will definitely dance better and happier!

Thank you once again for your trust and support!

I wish you all good health! Happy family! Prosperous career! All the best!



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